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Land Survey

Proposed housing and industrial developments needs the following:

Surveying existing plot and elevations, height of pitch roof, trees, roads, road furnitures and manholes. 

The positions and height of the neighbouring properties and topography of the existing plot.

This information will be plotted in CAD format to be used by architects, engineers and, planning departments.

The drawings will be provided in hard copies and digital format. (see the example tab)                                                                                                    

Topographical Survey  (Level Survey)

Illustrating the ground model in form of spot levels and contours, using the digital formate of this survey explores a 3 dimensional representation of the terrain.

Topographic survey is providing the essentials for any private or industrial developments, helping designers and building control to decide the floor level of the structure in relation to the roads and the neighbouring buildings.

This information is also used in:

Road designs, town planning, pipe lines, irrigations, flood defences, landscape designs and may other civil engineering aspect.   

 Setting out:

Mainly required for ground work activities.

Setting out examples:

Centre lines of foundations, drainage positioning, Brick Works, Piling positions, Retaining walls, Road Profiling, Steel works (accurate positioning of stanchion bases)

Landscape, Level transfer, Grid establishments, Co-ordinate listing and control station on site.

All the above work will be prepared through CAD and other survey software so they can be referred to at any time with pin point accuracy.

 Using advanced 'Total Stations' aided by laser measurements, we can guarantee total uniformity throughout the different stages of setting out.

Good communication is key within our customer service and we respond to enquiries promptly.

Comprehensive drawings and site measurements provided using e-mail facilities and always available via telephone to provide support. 

 Measured Building Survey.  

The purpose of this practice is to develop an existing building, and generally involves external survey and topographic survey, including elevation + an accurate measurements for internal features as well as services,(mechanical and electrical)

the out com of this survey will be a series of plans and sections drawings in CAD formate so that the architect can use as a bases of information.

 Area and Volumes

Area of large, irregular lands with uneven surface where using a tape measurement is not possible.

 Agricultural and woodland areas.

 Volume Calculation of hips and piles of different earth materials.  e.g: piles of chalk, aggregates, topsoils, excavation piles, Vest.

The cut and fill calculation.

 Boundary Establishment.

In the case of marking a lost boundary line, the following information are required.

* With aids of measurements indicated in the title deeds document:


* If the Measurement to the existing features are available.

 *If the area of the plot is known, and all other sides of plot already established.

 *The national grid co-ordinates of the plot is available.

GPS Survey.

In a standard survey, co-ordinates (X,Y,Z) of all points are locally established, however, for locating the survey to National Grids, the GPS will be applied. 


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